Patriotically Painted Sailor Made Miniature Sea Chest Rope Beckets 19th C

Beckets are the handles found on the sailors sea chest, and are considered by many to be the ultimate show of the skills of the sailor.. The knots are known as Turks head knots. "Among some of the most personalized of all a sailor's possessions,  the sea chest was not only his storage locker,  it served as table, seat, workbench and was often decorated lavishly in his free-time aboard ship.  
The one thing on a sea chest that was almost always made by the sailor were the handles at either end  (the "beckets"),  used for carrying, hoisting aboard and securing to a bulkhead or batten.

 Beckets are considered by many to be the absolute epitome of a knotter's art and the more ornate were constructed over time. Practically all of the knowledge of rope work and knots the Sailor had accumulated would go into the making of a single pair of Beckets.


Approximate Dimensions: Height 5"  Width 5".

Condition: As found, no damage or repairs.





Designed by: EmazingDesigns