Carriage Buggy Tin and Wood Foot Warmer Stove Lantern 19th Century

In the 19th century, travel was usually by coach or buggy.  In the winter the traveller's feet got very cold and so they used a foot warmer..

Inside this foot warmer is a brass kerosene font which would then be lit.. The top opens and the travellers put their feet on top (on the fabric) to keep warm. It is painted a dark blue with white trim.

It is rare to find one of these that includes a lantern inside instead of a charcoal pan.

Approximate Dimensions: Width 9.5", Depth 5" Height 6".

Condition: As found, wear as expected from age & damage or repairs evident. Original paint and original bail handle. The lantern wick cannot be raised as it is missing a disk on the end of a rod that you turned the knob to raise and lower the wick. I think that the rotating tin disk with the slot in it, slid down over the wick handle to keep the lantern in 
place. It probably broke the wick riser off with use, thus making the burner incomplete.






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